Learn Secrets Most People Will Never Know About True Health

Secret #1: How to get in shape by eating as much as you want

Meat and Vegetables on a stick

Most people associate getting in shape, or dieting with feeling hungry or even starving. This belief comes from not understanding how the human body really works.If you learn and use what I’m about to tell you in this blog post, you will loose weight and get in shape while eating as much as you want and never feel hungry again.

Starving yourself when you are on a diet most often gives you the opposite effect. You’ll actually gain weight. This is because you link so much pain (hungry feeling = pain) to dieting that you quit the diet all together. By quitting the diet you gain weight again.

Research has shown that people that have the least variability in their day to day eating habits loose most weight over time. Instead of focusing on loosing 5 pounds in the next week (this is very unhealthy and almost impossible), focus on loosing 1 pound a week for the next 10 weeks.

Loosing a lot of weight in a short amount of time is very unpleasant (you basically have to stop eating and drinking) and it is very unhealthy.

On top of that the research shows that there is a very big chance that you’ll gain the weight back in a short period when you go back to your normal eating patterns (which you will, because no-one can (almost) stop eating and drinking for to long).

The ‘diet’ has to be pleasant to make it work. That is why we try to focus on installing habits and avoid dirty quick fixes. Only than you will really become a healthy good-looking person.

One of the pleasant habits you need while dieting is: you have to eat when you are hungry. Feeling hungry doesn’t get you anywhere when you are trying to loose weight.

You have to delete the belief in your brain that says that eating equals gaining weight and not eating equals loosing weight.

It is not about the amounts of food you eat it is about the kind of foods you eat.

Wild Blueberries This is a realization that often blows the mind of some of our customers. They all really associate eating with gaining weight. There is a list of foods that you can eat as much as you want, they will kill your hungry feeling and you will gain not a single gram (over the long term).

I can’t go over the entire list now but I want to give you a few quick ones that you can grab for as soon as you feel hungry. This is the most amazing invention after electrical light.

It is as easy as this: eat when you are hungry and stop eating if you are no longer hungry (not until you are ‘full’!). But make sure you eat from the list of foods that will not cause you to gain weight.

• Carrots
• Cauliflower
• Red Cabbage
• Avocado
• Almonds
• Chestnuts

These foods can be eaten as much as you like. Whenever you feel hungry. No need to feel guilty because they are very healthy and do not cause any weight gain.

Just don’t go crazy on the nuts (not a pound a day or something). I recommend a maximum of a hand full a day. And soak the nuts in water overnight before eating them.

Have some of these foods in house for whenever you feel like snacking or are hungry but no time to prepare a big meal.

Eat whenever you are hungry and stop eating when you don’t feel hungry anymore. Remember it can take up to 20 minutes for your stomach to signal to your brain that it is full. By the time you feel full it means your stomach is about to explode.

As an experiment though, if you feel a little hungry, tell yourself you can eat in 10 minutes. So you don’t give in to the cravings right away, but you wait 10 minutes. If you are still hungry after 10 minutes, by all means pick some good foods from the list and enjoy.

But you will notice that most often you will ‘forget’ that you were hungry and you don’t eat. This means that you were not really hungry but your mind told you, you were. Try it as an experiment, the results might surprise you.